What's All This Then?

I’m Callum, a writer from the South of England, currently living in Southampton, generally just existing now that I have  finished studying English.

What you have stumbled upon here is a website I made to host my poems, blogs, etc, that I suppose I will be using as a portfolio of sorts. Expect the various things listed above, links to my social media accounts, publications, and any other stuff that is generally relevant to my writing. 


With that being said, enjoy your time here. Read a poem, let me know how it wasted your time and mental energy, and then ruminate on how you will never receive that time back, safe in the knowledge that I have effectively stolen a portion of your life. 

Many thanks,


“And sense the solving emptiness
That lies just under all we do,
And for a second get it whole,
So permanent and blank and true.”

Ambulances - Philip Larkin