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A Return To Form

So, with summer now being here, I’ve found myself with nowhere near as much time as I had assumed I would have, as I’ve already begun working full time at my otherwise part-time job. Where this benefits me however, is being cramped up in the potwash area at work for upwards of four or five hours. Where to some, this would be torture, to me it’s the ideal way to grin and bear my shift to the end, as I’ve found that it generally is where I’ll get precious time to ponder things and let my brain wander. Where once I was terrified of this prospect, now I embrace it, and it often results in the beginnings of new poems, or at least it makes clear the things I want to immortalise in a poem.

Once such instance of this occurred just yesterday, and armed with my note pad, a pen I ‘borrowed’ from the Front of House, and a one-hour lunch break, set about writing four very different poems, all with some similar theme. The poems had four distinct looks on the page, and though all scrawled in biro and poor handwriting, differ greatly in their presentation.

I don’t want to use this blog post as a deep-dive into my poems, but rather to introduce my favourite of the four. Sticking to a decided form in the Sonnet, I found picking a simple rhyme scheme and a rigid structure a fun challenge, and one I’m keen to practise. Though I’ve written a few sonnets before, this is perhaps the first one I’ve been genuinely pleased with, and as such is fitting to be the first on my website.

Perhaps I will upload some of the others penned on my lunch break in the coming days, though I feel as though I should bring something a little more light-hearted to the site as its been a while since I chose to upload a comedy poem. All I’ll say is, there will certainly be another poem on the site by the end of the week, and hopefully a more consistent stream of uploads can form over the coming weeks.

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