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A Wii Sports Knockout and a Hazy Walk Home

Wow, I actually wasn’t lying when I said I’d post at least twice today. I’ll keep this one brief, seeing as the poem itself is brief too. Rather than delve deep into any possible meaning or anything like that, I’d rather paint a picture of the events that led up to this poem’s creation.

Much as the title of ‘Gallivanting on a Few Cans of Piss-Poor Beer’ might suggest, it was indeed written on my midnight walk home from a friend’s house on my birthday. I spent my birthday back home, thankfully, and decided to spend the evening drinking and playing Xbox and Wii with a friend who I hadn’t seen for quite some time since being at Uni. While this isn’t exactly what many would consider the exciting, special birthday celebrations, for me it was great; just chilling out, doing very little, and bringing the day to a close.

When it came to walking home at midnight, I realised I had forgotten my headphones, and in my slightly tipsy state, thought what better way to replace the music or podcast than to entertain myself by writing a poem about a wobbly walk through the silent streets of Stubbington. A walk I had made numerous times before, but not for a long time.

And so, that’s really all there is to it. A short poem about a short walk, written to perhaps be used at some point when I next perform at an open mic, and to tell the simple story of a booze-fueled stumble home on my 19th birthday, having done more exercise in thirty minutes of Wii sports boxing than I had in thirty days of Easter holidays.

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