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Back After Sow Long

Yet again, another month has slipped through my fingers, and my website has laid dormant. For this I can only apologise and rehash the same excuse I have every time; work again has really drained me and put a serious damper on the writing process.

With that being said, what better way to revisit the website than to revisit an old poem I wrote many months ago, but never shared?

Enter ‘Let Me Sleep’, a poem I wrote around the same time as ‘What If’, one of the first poems I ever shared on the site. The similarities are immediately obvious, and perhaps if I hadn’t already drawn the comparison myself, the connection between the two would be somewhat clear. Both poems take a rather nihilistic approach to sleep, and its similarity to death. Where ‘What If’ deals more with the consequences of its narrator’s passing, ‘Let Me Sleep’ is more of a call for their own passing. The voice in ‘Let Me Sleep’ isn’t thinking of the ‘then’ because they are so caught up in the ‘now’.

An emerging theme I have noticed in my own writing is a strange obsession with sleep, and dreams that bleeds into my poetry. Through little intention, I often seem transfixed on ideas of sleeping, dreaming, and their connections with the real world, and even with death. While I’ll leave this discovery open to interpretation, I just wanted to address this myself. Perhaps I will go into writing with more of an intent on tackling dreams and sleep as concepts in the future.

I’ll leave the discussion of today’s upload somewhat brief, and instead I’ll end this blog post with a small update of sorts. One of the reasons I have struggled to upload in the last month is my focus on a relatively large project that I hope to have finished by the end of the summer. Currently I have finished the necessary preparation for it, and have begun writing, but needless to say, it will be a project in scale comparable to nothing I have attempted before, and I look forward to completing it.

Again, I can only apologise for my relative silence, and assure any reader that there is certainly more to come soon.

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