• Callum Holgate

Chocolate Months

Campus is alit for first time in weeks And awash with colour, too. 

For Easter towered over, bringing Chocolate and change.

Til now the paths were open, And grass remained untrod. A Chernobyl in the pocket of the South. My only peers The Cobbled Path, The Bleep Of Library Barcode And Its Echo In The Mouth Of the lifeless lobby I breathe in. Each Page of Each Book A new lover And Each Binding And Each Cover A home.

Though now Easter breathes new life And the Spring it starts anew. The slate is clean And a new leaf turns in the Soft breeze of a Tuesday afternoon. For now there's Sam From Monday Seminar Period Three And Jack From Lecture Six. And on the grass by the shop Is Sunita From The Union, Starbucks in hand, and book upon lap. And a smile upon face.

And when I meet with The Cobbled Path And The Bleep Of Library Barcode I must adjust Or wait.

But this doesn't bother me.

How could it? For now Katy From The Library is back Shutting her eyes in the shade Of the oak in the common. And over there, The Guy With The Hair From The Row In Front Laughs with Those Two From Spain, Sharing a pizza, no doubt lovingly Made by Susi, I Believe, From The Cafe And drinking cider pulled by "My Name Is Joe, How Can I Help" From Behind The Bar. Smiles creep across my face again.

They're all home now, And looking better than ever. "The sunlight truly compliments Your complexion, Sophie Who Let Me Borrow A Pencil Once." "Your eyes are all the more becoming Among the yellow tulips, Charlie With The Speech Impediment."

Campus is alit for the first time in weeks. And awash with colour too.

Easter brought new life, And the semester starts anew.

Oh! There's Maths Exam! I've not seen him for weeks. His teeth are whiter than I remember, And his smile a little wider.

And... Is that? Yes! Unplanned Pregnancy is here! She's looking a little bigger, And looks a lot like Mikaela With The Friendly Disposition, Drinking her favourite cocktail From a can in the quad.

"Burgeoning Drug Problem?! Is that you? Wow! You've grown so much! And in just a few weeks." That's the nicest way to say "You've put on some weight," right? Clearly he's just treating himself, It is Easter after all.

"Everyone! Mum Who Had A Terminal Illness Is back! Actually, she looks busy, Let's leave her to finish that book."

"Thats odd. Has anyone seen Suicidal Thoughts?" 

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