• Callum Holgate

Edge Pieces

She has wrenched me from you

Sweet synonym for youth,

A segment, in truth,

I was like orange slice

Or lego brick;

Plaything of a child

Desperate attempts to stick

Together only serve to

Mix salt into the lemon

Juice that gushes forth

From that empty space

On my wrists.

But that's not what you wanted to hear

No for you a grin from

Ear to ear

Is painted in a familiar tone

Along blistered cheeks

For I am weak.

Too afraid to tell you

That better days have come

And gone.

Now his boyfriend is a passing thought

In the memorial to those

Who fought for a family they

Were willing to die for.

You have passed on,

Not to the grave

Or anywhere else

I would consider braving

Some new world,

Or uncertain future

But rather you waste away

In corners of the globe,

Where they don't sell glue

Or sellotape.

Or even chewing gum.

My life now is edge pieces,

Encircling a void.

The pictures on the box

Remain a reminder of the boys

In that memorial.

Hundreds of names

Maybe more

The edge pieces of a war

To build a togetherness

Unbreakable by railroad tracks

And girlfriends taken back.

Time eats away at the marble.

They've built a stairway,

In that memorial to the men

Who left home and came back

Better friends

With bullet holes for souvenirs

And a wall of those they'd left behind.

The handrail is cold

She's not felt love since then.

Since two years have passed

And those she'd asked

To make this a regular

Dalliance. An affair of the heart

This mistress of stone

She'd thought she could start

This great work of art.

Some memorial all of her own.

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