• Callum Holgate

Free Parking

"Yes and it was here in this very parking spot

That the world ended."

She gasped, as if she didn't know already.

"It is said the floor itself opened up and Swallowed them whole."

She covered her face as if to hide from reality.

"Why, it is said some otherworldly being Possessed his mind." She laughed, as if in disbelief.

"A marvel really, it were so contained. Within just one car." She wept, as if it would change things.

"Please, no photographs, madame. The memory itself shall last." She coughed, as if she were sick.

"And if you listen carefully, You can almost hear her weep." She nodded, as if she knew.

"And if you look here, at the space, You can almost see his soul." She recoiled, as if he were the devil.

"I only ask you remember this tour, With naught but fondness." He left. Just as he had before.

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