• Callum Holgate

Keeping it Short

Back with another quick upload in some time I’ve managed to find before work, and while I originally had another, much longer poem I wanted to upload today, my better judgement has lead to me following up on my promise of sharing another of the poems written the other day on my lunch break.

The poem itself is much shorter than my usual postings, but I felt I had said all there is to be said. Given that I am one to often ramble or say more than needs saying, such a succinct story being told is unlike me, though its something I’m aiming to work on. Ultimately, this poem serves as a stepping stone for me, addressing things I wish to address, to air out my mind, so to speak, but to do so without giving it a dangerous amount of attention.

I think I’ll leave it at that for today, no sense in over-analysing a poem of barely six lines. Besides, its far less fun for the reader to be told everything that they themselves should be deciding.

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