• Callum Holgate

Let Me Sleep

Let me sleep, for evermore For my tongue, it bleeds, My eyes are sore. I cannot bare wake anymore. Let me sleep for evermore.

Let me dream, for ever now For my mind, there’s sleeping I know not how I will avoid that sombre bough. Let me dream, for ever now.

Let me rest for ever, please For my lungs are empty, I simply wheeze. Fill them up with dream’s soft breeze. Let me rest for ever, Please.

Let me live for ever there. For my heart, it yearns Yet seldom cares For everything we’d ever share. Let me live, for ever there.

Let me die; for ever sleep. For my dreams sow seeds, I’ll never reap For there she stands, though does not weep Please if not die; simply sleep For my reality does not seep Twixt the seams of slumbers, deep, ‘Neath the lochs and vales miskeep’d Or into dreams. Or into sleep. There you stand And there I’ll keep The crops I swore I’d never reap.

Reality’s dreams Manifest in sleep.

Alas, each day, I surely wake. Morning’s cruel claws surely take All those dreams I sought to make. Daring to dream, my sole mistake.

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