• Callum Holgate

Oh, Father Time, You Torment Me So

So, today’s poem is far from some kind of internal struggle, or manifestation of any kind of deeper conflict, and more of an example of using poetry to explore something so mundane and otherwise uninteresting and presenting it in a way that is far more fun and enjoyable


The concept of setting a morning alarm is surely one that almost anyone has had to come to terms with, whether that’s setting your 7am alarm at 3am after a night out, and somehow wishing four hours could last a life time, or simply having ten alarms at one minute intervals to ensure you wake up on time for work; when the alarm finally rings in the morning, you feel cheated out of one of life’s most precious pastimes.

This poem was simply inspired by my unwillingness to give in to my alarm this morning, which I believed woke me up far too early for work. When I took the initiative to simply ignore the alarm, and set one for an hour later, thereby enjoying the precious sleep that would otherwise have gone unnoticed, I truly felt like I had cheated time myself.

So yes, this poem was written in the notes section on my phone during my walk to work this morning as a method of entertaining myself, and as a bit of a personal test ; can I turn something so lucid and ambiguous as the concept of setting an alarm into a jovial poem? While I can’t say its my magnum opus, not all poetry has to be serious, and not all poetry has to have a message, or a strict rhyme scheme. Sometimes its fun to just think of things and see how they come out in a way you wouldn’t normally think of them.

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