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Poetry's Crap if I'm Honest.

Lesser-known poet 'William Shakespeare'

Now. I love poetry. Its brilliant. The classic stuff is great, the modern stuff is great, the stuff you read from unpublished poets, writing for poetry sharing sites is fantastic too. I do have to admit, however, that there’s scope to mock poetry, and its traditions and there’s certainly scope to mock the long-dead classic poets, and the canon they helped to craft.

Simply put, that’s what ‘Pretending to be a Poet’ is all about. Written while slightly rum-drunk and annoyed that my other serious poems that night weren’t coming out great, I wrote this little rant almost, poking fun at the classic poets of eras now long gone. As a Lit student, I’m constantly berated with how incredible the classics are, how Shakespeare is a genius, and that ‘The Raven’ is a masterpiece. While this is all true, sometimes you have to take the best of the best down a few pegs, and pretend that you’re just as good, if not better than these legends, when in reality you’re scrawling hastily created rhymes down on a word document.

So really this poem was created to vent my joking frustrations, and also to make a couple other poetry nerds laugh at the open mic, and while I didn’t get around to performing this one in particular, I certainly hope to do so on my next visit.

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