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Sentiment is Everything

Today’s accompanying blog post will be a short one, as I fear of over-analysing my own poetry, and revealing too much of the meaning and whatnot of today’s poem.

Penned on a train journey yesterday, this poem came as a result of the writing of another poem which I believed was not conveying everything I wanted to say and wasn’t saying these things as I wanted to say them. Often, I will begin writing a poem on a certain subject, and by the time I’m a few stanzas or lines into it, I will completely restart it with a new form, or rhyme scheme. It is often this strange approach to drafting and re-writing that leads to some of my favourite poems, and this is certainly the case for ‘Free Parking.’

If I were to say one thing about today’s poem, it would be that it explores the sentiment, or attachment one can construct in otherwise meaningless or unimportant scenarios or objects. In this case, the subject of the poem is a parking space, which one of the first lines from the speaking voice in the poem suggests was the site of the ‘world ending.’ When one stops to consider things they perceive to be sentimental to them, it can be somewhat funny; perhaps you keep old receipts or things that could otherwise be considered rubbish simply because they hold some kind of sentimental value to you. This, to me, is the case for the aforementioned parking space.

I’ve stated before that one of the reasons I love poetry is because of the ways it lets you explore topics and thoughts in a way you otherwise wouldn’t, and I feel as though ‘Free Parking’ serves as a good example of this experience; normally I wouldn’t stop to think about this high regard I hold this parking space in, however through poetry, I can, and I have.

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