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Welcome to Whatever This Becomes

So the time has finally come where I felt the inspiration to create the blog I have sworn to create for months, if not years.

I’ve always enjoyed poetry, be it reading, writing or analyzing in class, it has always found a way to appeal to me. Poetry was once just a source of entertainment, but in recent years, it’s become a sort of escape for me, and I’ve used it to deal with a lot of problems, to see things in a new perspective, or to simply do something with my love of writing, and while close friends of mine, and maybe my parents at a push, have been allowed to read my poems, I’ve kept them relatively close to my chest out of some sort of stage fright, but recent events have seen me decide to take my writing public.

As it stands, I have very little blogging experience, and I’m certainly no Shakespeare, so take everything I do with a pinch of salt here. I swear I’ll try to maybe eventually make things possibly better than when they first start. For know, my plans are to upload a new poem sort of whenever I write a new one, or whenever I feel like uploaded a backdated one, and will try to post a blog post with my thoughts, or the process behind the creation of the poem, so if that is in any way interesting to you, do stick around. Eventually I might branch out into some other writing, as I do indulge in other forms, but for now, I’ll keep it simple.

So whether you’re a friend of mine who’s seen my posts through Facebook or something, or you’re a stranger who somehow comes across this somehow, welcome to whatever this becomes.

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