• Callum Holgate

Well... Here's Something New

Well, essay season is over for me finally and I’ve returned from my fantastic celebratory weekend away, so I felt as though I’d kick off my early summer with something a little different for my site.

Though poetry is still my passion, I do also want to explore other areas of creative writing, and thankfully, one of my assignments for my Stage and Screen module allowed me to do this as part of my degree. Tasked with writing a short play, no longer than 1,000 words, I set about melding my desire to explore new forms of writing with my passion for poetry and thus The Boy in the Well was born.

So yes, I’ll keep this post relatively short as the play itself is quite long, but I thought I would share it here, as while it’s certainly rough around the edges, and I’m by no means an experienced playwright, I thought it might be some interesting variety for the site. Besides, I did attempt to at least make the boy’s soliloquy Shakespeare-esque, so there’s some amount of poetry to be enjoyed.

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