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Wrapping Words in Hot Air.

Seeing as I’m posting again far sooner than usual, I’ll keep this one short. Today’s poem, ‘Bubble Wrap’ is a fun one. Birthed from one of my favourite things to do when writing; generate interesting-sounding ‘nothing’ sentences with no context, but then assigning context to them through their correspondence with other lines. For example, this poem started with what would become the second line “Selling whispersilk dreams to its youth.” Whispersilk, as far as I know, is a concept coming from fantasy. I’ve seen it named in games and films most memorably to me in Magic: The Gathering’s ‘Whispersilk Cloak’ card. While ‘whispersilk’ has no real world meaning, per se, the sound and the beauty of the word itself has been stuck in my head for weeks now, and I’ve craved the chance to use it somehow.

The end result of that single line is ‘Bubble Wrap’; a poem made up of fancified sounds and strange combinations of words, neatly embellishing a meaning, or story that came about by accident rather than any pre-empted intent. Like I said, I didn’t begin writing this poem with the intent of conveying a particular message or meaning, but one became apparent in the words I began to use, and this phenomenon has resulted in one of my favourite poems I have written thus far. I only hope the ambiguity and strangeness is interesting to anyone else too.

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